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Studio b. owner Colleen Duffley describes the concept and inspiration that goes behind the creation of Studio b.

VIDEO: Dream Machine

Dream Machine, by Mark Farina

The b.’s been hard at work setting up everything for RockPaperDigital, and we’ve been jamming to a lot of music to keep our juices goin’. Here’s our favorite jam… makes us want to dance. …Dance and dream up a pretty sweet exhibit! ;)



since creativity and inspiration is the vision of the b., we thought we’d start sharing some of the things that inspire us with you. this is one of OUR inspirations.. but what inspires you? email your inspiration to

it could be a song, image, thought, anything ! the b. wants to know!

VIDEO: While in Morocco

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Sometimes Studio b. gets some excellent video opportunities.
And that's exactly why we have this section, to share those opportunities with the people we love. Then other times we just like to blog cool findings. Either way, these videos are bawesome.